• Content Management Software

    Content Management software from Big Tree Commerce

    Big Tree Commerce's Anything E-commerce software contains its own content management capabilities, so if you need a content rich shopping cart, we can handle it all within the base shopping cart software. We can build the design skins and layouts for your site, and then you create the category structures, rich content for your product descriptions, and as many content pages as you need, and if you need to go beyond the built-in capabilities, say, to create a retail store locator, we can add on a custom component.

    If you have a need for extensive CMS capabilities like a blog, content feeds, press release notes, and/or process management, we can install a full CMS system. We recommend Telerik's Sitefinity because it is built on the same platform as Anything Ecommerce so it is easily customizable and integrates seamlessly into the store.

    Regardless of whether you need a stand alone store with its built in content capabilities, a store with a full CMS, or a stand alone content management system, we'll handle the design, setup, and software integration so your customers will never notice that there are two separate applications.

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  • Analytics

    Actionable Analytics from Big Tree Commerce

    Big Tree Commerce installs both it's Anything Ecommerce shopping cart software with Google Analytics built in, so out of the box you are ready to take advantage of all the analytics information and resources that Google can provide. As an optional component, we can also install Google's conversion tracking so you can determine your conversion rates and measure the effectiveness of your various marketing initiatives.

    And if you need to go deeper into your site to get detailed information about customer behavior, or if you want to go a step beyond analytics and measure your site's performance, then Big Tree Analytics is for you. Because we have full control over the Anything Ecommerce software and, more importantly, access to all your data, we build Big Tree Analytics right into the page and can monitor your customers' behavior right down to the keystroke. We work with you to define your site's goals, install Big Tree Analytics, and design and build the key indicator and other performance reports that you determine are necessary to monitor the performance of your site and measure the progress toward your goals.

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  • Hosting and Support

    Web Site Hosting and Software Support from Big Tree Commerce

    Once we have built and installed your site, Big Tree Commerce will also provide a hosting and support package tailored to your specific requirements. We recognize that every site has its own unique characteristics and support requirements, and our support plans range from a very affordable basic hosting for simple content only sites, to fully secure, fully supported, PCI compliant setups for e-commerce sites with sensitive credit card processing.

    We have teamed up with Rackspace, one of the top hosting companies in the world, to provide hosting services for all of our websites, so you can rest easy at night knowing that your site is fully secured, backed up, up and running, and generating sales. And the beauty of it is, you have only one number to remember. Whatever the problem, let us know and we handle it.

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  • Shopping Cart Software

    Shopping Cart software by Big Tree Commerce

    Big Tree Commerce's Anything E-commerce shopping cart software was built with you in mind. We recognize that each e-commerce store has its own unique requirements. Selling books is different than selling cookies is different than selling kitchen appliances is different than selling, well, you get the picture. That's why we designed the Anything E-commerce software with maximum flexibility - so it can be easily and quickly tailored to meet your particular needs.

    But, as full featured as Anything E-commerce is, maybe your shopping cart has a unique requirement we haven't covered? Talk to us. We'll build it for you.

    Oh, and did we mention that this site is built on the Anything E-commerce platform? Yep. We put our software where our mouth is.

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