About Us

  While Big Tree Commerce is a new company, our "software as a service" has been around, in one guise or another, since 2004.  Up until now, we were known as Big Tree Media, and we built the first version of our Anything Ecommerce shopping cart software in 2005.  Ever since, we have been improving it and adding new features to keep pace with the ever evolving e-commerce industry.  We are now morphing into Big Tree Commerce because we are under new ownership and we are in the process of refining our product offerings and sharpening our corporate strategy to focus on the things we do best.  In addition, over the past several years we have been in the process of completely rewriting our shopping cart software using current tools and technologies (HTML5 anyone?), and along with launching this website we are also launching the new version of our shopping cart - Anything Ecommerce V5.0.  But this does not mean that we are abandoning our past.  We are still committed to serving our existing customers with the same quality products and commitment to service that we have always maintained.  If anything, we intend to provide even better products and service going forward. 

  Big Tree Commerce's principal, Mike Seibert, has been in the computer software industry since 1970, starting out in the United States Army as a systems analyst designing a cargo tracking system for the European Theater of Operations.  Yes, Virginia, the old saw about letting the Army give you real world job training is true.  And Mike has been at it ever since.  He started out with punch cards and has re-trained himself several times over, moving from mainframes to remote access, to server based, to the internet, and now recently to mobile.  And we just keep on moving forward.

  And in case you are wondering about the name Big Tree, our thinking is that the forest is made up of myriads of little trees (um, read small businesses here), and it is the rare tree that has the resources and the wherewithal to to become the big fish in the big pond (sorry about the mixed metaphor) and to grow into the big tree in the forest.  Our goal is to provide you with the resources - software, business information (analytics), and support - to become that big tree.

  I know I'm rambling, but it truly is our mission to help our customers be successful in the e-commerce industry.  That is the whole purpose behind our Anything Ecommerce shopping cart software, because we believe that only by helping you to succeed, can we succeed.