Analytics - Architecture

Big Tree Commerce Analytics uses the same methods Google does to collect information about visitors to your site, plus we can add additional detailed custom information about visitor behavior using those same tools and combine all that with data about the customer and orders from the database.
  • Basic Visitor Information
    A snippet of Javascript code placed on each page communicates back to the Analytics engine via an Ajax call to collect the information about where your visitors come from, the search terms they use to find the site, the browsers or devices they are using, and the web pages they visit.  Regardless of whether you know anything about Javascript or Ajax, the important thing is that this all happens invisibly behind the scenes.
  • Custom Information
    In addition to that code snippet used to collect basic information, we can define and install custom snippets to collect additional information such as which elements on a form are completed (which also tells us where a form is abandoned), and which buttons a visitor clicks.
  • Database Information
    Combining the information collected through the code snippets described above with information from the database about the customer and the orders that are placed means that you can now get a complete picture of who is buying what on your site.  You can also calculate the value of your various marketing campaigns by comparing the cost of the campaign to the value of the sales that the campaign created.

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