Analytics - Pricing & Services

Analytics services are priced almost entirely on your requirements.  While we can give some basic services prices and some general guidelines, feel free to contact us to discuss yur exact needs and let us put togehter a proposal.. 

  • Google Analytics
    The basic Google Analytics tracking script is built into the Anything Ecommerce Shopping Cart software.  You just need to enter an account number.  We can also install Google Order Tracking as an option for a one time charge of $200.
  • Anything Ecommerce Analytics
    By its nature, Anything Ecommerce's Analytics are entirely custom because it is information specially designed to fulfill your unique metrics.  Of course, the basic customer tracking and website activity information is captured by default and is available with the standard reporting, but the real sauce is contained in the custom information.  Pricing is entirely dependent on the amount of information you need and the number and complexity of reports needed to make that information available.  We can say that there will be a one time setup charge to design and build the information collection and reporting functions and there will be a recurring charge for the periodic collection, reporting, and analysis of information.
  • Analytics Services
    By Analytics Services, we mean additional activities beyond the collection and reporting of information, like providing an analysis of the information we collect, making recommendations for improvements or issue fixes, and implementing those recommendations.  Analytics Services can be provided on a one time basis or on a regular recurring basis, depending on your needs.  

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