Shopping Cart Software - Architecture

The AnythingEcommerce shopping cart software was developed in response to the many complaints we received from customers using other shopping cart products.  The complaints were consistent and across the board:  storeowners could not easily tailor their software to their own store’s unique design and operational requirements, and they did not have the tools to effectively manage and market their stores.  

So we designed our shopping cart to overcome these problems by incorporating these key architectural features:

  • Manageability
    Starting with the data architecture and going all the way to the flexible and comprehensive reporting, Anything Ecommerce has been designed for the store owner.  It provides the tools you need to operate the store, from easy product entry and maintenance, to order fulfillment and tracking, to marketing tools like sales, coupons, and gift certificates, through customer management, and it provides the information you need to make management decisions based on solid information about sales and customer activity.   
  • Design Independence
    By making use of design "skins" and layout templates, Anything Ecommerce can accomodate any design you can come up with, and as many different design themes and layouts as you need.  Say, for example, you sell clothing and you have just added a new line based on organic fabrics and you want to feature these by using a different design look and feel.  No problem.  We just build another skin and assign it to the new category of products.
  • Functional Flexibility
    Many of the shopping cart's functional components are designed as independent tools.  Because they are separate elements, they can be easily combined and integrated into a store that functions according to your particular requirements.  And because the software is modular in design, it is easy to add new functional components or modify existing ones should new functionality be required. But the most important aspect of the software's flexibility is that, if there is a function that you need and it is not a part of the software, we will build it for you.  We are NOT a one size fits all product and so there is no waiting for the next release to get a function you need.
  • Search Engine Friendly
    The store has been designed to automatically interact with search engines and to allow you the greatest flexibility to enhance that interaction through the use of meta data, alternate URL's, canonical URL's, image text, site verification tags, and keyword rich descriptive phrases that can be tailored down to the individual product.   
  • Activity Tracking and Reporting
    The key to making good decisions is having the right information.  There are over 20 standard reports for you to use to gather and review information about orders, customers, products, and much more.  Each standard report can be extensively tailored with dynamic filtering, selection, and sorting capabilities.  Add to that the ability to have custom reports quickly designed and developed, and Anything Ecommerce can provide any level of reporting desired.

    A major element of the store’s reporting capability is the customer activity log.  The log is built into the database and is fully accessible to the reporting system.  The log gives you the ability to see how many shoppers come to the site, the products they view, the products they buy, how often they abandon carts, etc., all as part of the standard reporting built into the store, but as you'll see under Analytics, if you have a specific need, it is all there to be put into a custom report..

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