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So how do you list all of the functions of a full featured shopping cart like Anything Ecommerce and not bore you to death with pages of text? Well, I guess you don't! We have listed some of the highlights here that we think are the most important. You can also get a feel for many of the features in the Tour and also by visiting our demo site, but ultimately there is much more in Anything Ecommerce than we can list!

  • Product Images
    Products can have as many images as you need.  Different images can be used for different purposes, such as one image for the catalog and another image for the main detail.  Multiple images can be set up as a gallery with all the images showing as thumbnails and the selected image showing as the main detail. Each image can also be displayed as a large "popup" to show fine detail.
  • Product Attributes
    Each product can have any number of attributes or options, and each can include a price variant.  The classic attribute is size/color for clothing items, but we also see shaft length (for golf clubs!), collar size (for, um, dog collars, but it could also be for shirts), and other attributes.
  • Product Information
    Multiple description fields are available, so one description can be used as a short "teaser", another can give the full description, a third can give technical details or specifications, a fourth can provide a "story", a fifth can describe a special promotion, a sixth, well, there IS a limit...  Pricing is flexible with list price, sale price, member price, MSRP price, and more. Product reviews are available, plus special promotional information and backorder status, and product manuals and instruction sheets can be made available for download.  Also, product information doesn't have to be all text.  All of our description fields support other media such as images or videos and they support HTML code, so the sky is the limit when presenting information about your products.
  • Product Categories
    Categories are arranged into a tree structure with as many levels of sub-categories as you need and an unlimited number of categories within each level.  Products can assigned to multiple categories within different branches of the category structure and multiple trees can be created, so you can assign the same product to (for example) men's clothing and to specials.  You can set up a Shop By Product Type category tree and a Shop By Brand tree... whatever categories are appropriate to your products. We now also support the Google taxonomy (and the Google product feed - see Reporting under the StoreManager), so you can build the part of the taxonomy that applies to your products and then cross reference your categories to the appropriate taxonomy classification.
  • Featured Items
    Featured Items is a way for you to highlight individual or groups of products. Many types of featured items are available: Individual featured products, features within a category, new products, top selling products, so you can feature as many or as few products as you want.  Each feature can have its own layout and can carry a start and stop date so you can regularly change your features and always have a fresh promotion to put in front of your customers.
  • Other Marketing Tools
    You can discount as many different products or groups of products as you want.  Discounts can be: store wide, by category, by product, or by manufacturer.  Discounts can be a percent or flat dollar amount off and can be limited to a certain quantity of items.  Start and end dates can be individually set for each discount. You can create coupons with the same levels of flexibility.  There is even a free shipping coupon.  And you can create as many eGift certificates as  you want.
  • Dynamic Site Map
    The site map or product index is automatically created from your category and product information. Links are fully qualified with the category and/or product name and do not contain search query strings for maximum search engine compatibility.
  • Search
    A flexible search tool is built in that allows you to tailor the search to your particular requirements.  By default it provides a full text search of product descriptions, name, SKU, and code; of SEO meta data, and of Manufacturer.  You can add or remove search fields as necessary.  You can set up alternate product identifiers such as plurals, common mis-spellings, and alternate product codes, so no matter what your customers are looking for or how badly they mangle their spellings, you can be confident they will find what they are looking for. 
  • Shopping Cart
    The cart displays the items selected for purchase in an easy to read and manage list.  Items can be removed from the cart, quantities changed, or the customer can continue shopping for more items.  When ready, the customer then begins the checkout.
  • Checkout
    The checkout process has been carefully designed to proceed logically as a series of independent steps that is easy for the customer to follow.  Each step can be easily modified to add instructions and elements such as a shipping calculator, security seals, and answers to frequently asked questions that will promote buyer confidence and help improve conversion rates.
  • Shipping
    Anything Ecommerce contains a very powerful rules based shipping calculator, so you can set up any number of shipping options and rate structures.  Rates can be by region, and within region they can be value based,  weight based, carrier based (FedEx, UPS, USPS and Canada Post supported), or shipping level based. Additional markups by shipping method or by product are available.  A shipping estimator that lets customers pre calculate shipping prior to checkout is available.
  • Inventory
    Inventory tracking is optional.  If you do manage your inventory, you can provide your customers with real-time stock status and backorder information.  The StoreManager will give you real-time alerts on low stock and out of stock status.
  • Payment Options
    A full range of payment options is available, so you can offer your customers credit card, PayPal, or pay by check.  Credit card payments can be immediate sale, or authorize and capture only (and charge at time of shipping.
  • Customer Services
    Your customers have the option of creating accounts that offer them the convenience of maintaining their billing and shipping information, getting the shipping status of their new orders, viewing their order history, and managing their wish list.  All customers receive email confirmations of their purchases, targeted followup emails can be designed, and customers can sign up for an email or newsletter account.  Shoppers can "Email A Friend" or share on social media the details of a product they may find of interest.
  • Security
    Anything Ecommerce meets PCI security standards and provides encrypted storage of customers' credit card information, SSL encrypted transmission of all customer data, and access to, and viewing of, restricted customer data by authorized persons only.
  • Search Engine Friendly Features
    Dynamic page names are fully qualified to include the product/category name and site name and do not contain search query strings and all page names can be overridden with custom alternate URL's. Canonical URL's can be defined for all product and category pages. Metadata, such as keywords and descriptions, can be set at any level – store, category, or product. The dynamic site map contains links to all relevant pages for easy crawler access. Site verification tags, noindex/nofollow crawler tags, and friendly error pages can all be set according to your requirements.

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