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Our pricing is very flexible and depends on many factors such as the number of products and categories you will have, the complexity of your design, and the extent of any custom features you may require, but the information below will give you a starting estimate. As always, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs and put together a specific proposal.  And we don't just give you a web site and wish you the best.  We support what we create, so if you have a problem or don't understand something, we are there to help. 
  • Anything Ecommerce Software
    A license to Anything Ecommerce, which includes the StoreManager™, is $995. Included with the license is the store setup which covers creating a copy of the software, creating the database, establishing the store settings, setting up the base design with your logo, color scheme, font styles, data fields, and optional features, helping you set up the store data, and taking the store live. In short, it is everything necessary for you to get your store up and running.
  • Graphic Design
    A custom graphic design including one major design theme and its associated layouts is also $995. Included with the design is the process of "wrapping" the finished design onto the software. We can also use a design template supplied by a third party and pricing would depend on the complexity of the design, the difficulty of integrating it into the software, and the number of skins and layouts required to accommodate it.
  • Additional Setup Services
    This includes any setup activities not a part of the basic license and setup, such as custom data loads, complex shipping rule setups, conversion activities from a previous site, and special store configuration requirements such as sub sites. Pricing is dependent on the effort required.
  • Custom Components
    Custom components are any functionality not included in the base software. These are priced based on the complexity of the work and the effort required to create the components.

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