Content Management - Architecture

The whole point of content management is to put you in control of the content on your site.  If you've looked at our Anything Ecommerce shopping cart's capabilities, you already know that you can create about any content you want for your products.  But what about posting additional, non product specific, information about you, your store, your products and services, and supplemental customer information?  Well, that's where content management comes in.  So here are the key architectural elements of CMS:   

  • Page Creation
    First we define the skins and the layouts required for your content pages.  You can create as many as you want, although normally you want your content to have the same look and feel and so there is only one of each really required. Then its up to you.  You create a page, assign a layout, and then enter the content appropriate to that layout.  It's as simple as that.
  • Flexibility
    As we mentioned, you can create as many layouts as you need, so there might be one for a basic text and image content page, maybe an image or a video gallery, maybe a central content area with a video in a sidebar, or a retail store locator, or...   
  • Scalability
    You can create as many content pages as you want, create a content category tree, and create a menuing system just for your content pages so your customers can easily navigate your content and find the information they need.
  • Easily integrates with other systems
    For example, Telerik's Sitefinity CMS.  If you need the extended capabilities of a complete CMS, it is simply a matter of defining the same skins and templates to each system and then placing interconnecting links on the various pages.  It's two separate software applications, but it functions as one integrated web site.
  • Adaptable for your unique requirements
    The base functionality is easily extended and customized.  For example, one customer wanted to be able to maintain regular email communication with each customer all the way from the Request for Estimate through the completion of the project.  Big Tree Commerce wrote a complete new CMS module (this one happened to be for Sitefinity) that lets the customer define email templates, create the email content, enter variables to tailor each email to the customer and project, and finally to send and track each email. 

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