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Combining the information collected through the code snippets described in the Architecture with information from the database about the customer and the orders that are placed means that you can now get a complete picture of who is buying what on your site.  You can also calculate the value of your various marketing campaigns by comparing the cost of the campaign to the value of the sales that the campaign created.  Big Tree Commerce Analytics then uses a four step methodology built around the concept of continuous improvement to insure you use that information to make the right decisions about tailoring your site to reach the goals you establish. 

  • Measure
    We work with you to define the objectives of your web site, establish goals and define the metrics that will measure your progress toward those goals.  Then we define the reports to show the metrics and we add the necessary data collectors to the site to gather the information that will go into the reports. 
  • Analyse
    We will create snapshot reports showing your current metrics and trending reports showing how your metrics are progressing over time according to the schedule you define.  Normally, the reporting is monthly, but we can set up any reporting schedule that you may require.
  • Revise
    As part of our reporting, we can also make recommendations on adjusting your site and marketing campaigns to improve performance and move you toward your goals.  Then, based on the decisions you make about changes and adjustments, we will work with you to install and implement those changes.
  • Start Over
    Once we have installed a set of revisions, then we start the process all over.  We revisit the goals and metrics that we established to insure that they are still appropriate and make any needed adjustments.  Then we start on a new round of measurement, analysis, and revisions. 

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