Content Management - Features List

Big Tree Commerce's out-of-the-box content management offers everything you need to build an extensive content rich website. 

  • Web Analytics
    All your content is automatically included in the built-in Google analytics and is easily made available to the Big Tree Commerce Analytics tracking and reporting. 
  • General Content
    Layouts set up with general content blocks have a rich text editor available for text, images, videos, and links. Formatting can be completely controlled through HTML and CSS style sheets.
  • Specialized Content
    Specialized content blocks allow images, videos, documents, and other media to be uploaded and added to your content pages.
  • Workflow
    You can create new web pages and edit existing ones all in a preview mode without affecting your production site. You can preview your work on the production site (still not affecting production) to see how the finished product will look.  Once you are satisfied with the new content, you can then publish it to production.

And for those of you that need heavy duty content, here are some of the additional custom features that we will be happy to design and build for you:

  • Forms
    Registrations, surveys, questionnaires, and applications can all be quickly created using standardized functional components.    
  • Events
    The events content type makes it easy for users to schedule and announce events through their website and display them on a calendar or a list
  • News
    The news content type allows you to easily create news items and publish them to the website
  • Scheduling
    Website editors are able to create content items, which can be automatically published and/or can be set to expire at a predefined time and date

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