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We are continually improving and extending the functionality of the Anything Ecommerce Shopping Cart software and regularly list the major new additions here. Unfortunately, we can't list all the minor improvements and updates we make (it would take far more room than you would want to read!), but you can be sure that they are happening. And, of course, each new shopping cart function also comes with its own management function in the StoreManager™ that allows you to precisely tailor the function to your exact requirements.

  • Product Relationships
    Product relationships is a very powerful feature of Anything Ecommerce that gives you great flexibility in presenting your products to your customer.  Now you can go beyond the standard "...we also recommend" related products and offer products in a variety of different relationships. Most relationships also let you provide alternate product descriptions and prices for the related products:
    Related Products - each product can display as many "you may also like..." or "may we also recommend..." products that you want. You can specify individual products or show products in the same category. You can place them on the product page or you can upsell from the cart.
    Families - you can set similar products up as a family so all the products in the family show as items within an image gallery and you can move from product to product in round robin fashion, or the family members can show as a list of options underneath the family "owner".  The advantage of families is that each product in the family is a separate product with its own SKU, decription, price, and other information.
    Kits - these are groups of products that sell as a single unit.  Navigate to the primary product and all the kit items display along with it.  Add the item to your cart and all the kit items are also included. 
    Accessories - these are additional optional items that can be purchased in addition to the base product.  Like the kit, the accessories display along with the main product, but unlike the kit, accessories are separately purchased.
    Gifts - you can offer additional incentive or bonus items along with a product.  Customers can select from a list, or opt out.  Gifts can be free or at a special gift price. 

    Oh, and all related products are also regular products that can be priced and sold independently - or not. It's up to you.
  • Memberships
    You can define as many different membership levels as you want, give each membership level its own standard discount on everything in the store (except gift certificates and the memberships themselves) and even create individual product discount overrides. So, for instance, Basic Membership might be set up with a 10% discount, but then you have a $15 product that you want to offer to Basic level members for a flat $10.  Yeah, that's easy.  Or maybe you don't want to discount this product at all.  Also easy.  Displaying member prices is optional, so non members do not see members' pricing - unless you want them to see what they are missing!.  Once members log in, they see only the pricing appropriate to their membership level.

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