Shopping Cart Software - StoreManagerâ„¢

The StoreManager™ is where, you guessed it, you manage the store.  It is entirely secured to protect your customers' sensitive data.  It supports the concept of roles so you can restrict your employees' access to a "need to know" basis.  It provides you with an up to the minute snapshot of how your store is performing.  Like the shopping cart side of the software, it is easily customizeable, so if you need an interface to send your sales data to an external accounting package, if you need a custom report, or you need to manage a custom front side feature, that is all easily done.  We even installed a complete audit trail for a customer to track, by data field, every update made to product information in the database.

The StoreManager™ is organized into seven areas that allow you to manage every aspect of your store:  
  • Orders
    In the Orders section, you can filter and view your orders; edit the orders; and do your fulfillment processing - create invoices, packing slips, and pick lists, process the shipping, enter tracking numbers, notify your customer of shipping status, and export your orders to external spread sheets or accounting systems.
  • Customers
    In the customers section, you can filter and view your customers; view customer accounts and order history; and export customer lists to feed your email campaigns.
  • Products
    This is where you manage all of your product information. Obviously, you can add, edit, and delete products here, but that is like saying that a browser lets you surf the internet. For each product, you can manage all the information about that product: you can add and edit demographic information, product descriptions (with rich text editor and html capability), pricing, images and the image gallery, assign categories, apply attributes, set up shipping and tax information, create product relationships, set up a sale, enter SEO information...and that is just the product specific information. If you have a set of closely related products, you can create the first product and then copy it to create all the others. You can manage product reviews and product question and answer sections. You can set up and manage product inventory. You can set up and manage product relationships.  You can set up and manage your category trees, and product attributes. And... and..
  • Marketing
    In the Marketing section, you manage sales and discounts - storewide, by product, by category, by vendor, or by manufacturer; coupons - also storewide, by product, by category, by vendor, or by manufacturer, and there is also a free shipping coupon; gift certificates - in whatever amounts you choose to offer; and featured items - in whatever configuration you choose to define.
  • Files
    This is where you can manage the miscellaneous files that are not included elsewhere, such as manufacturers and vendors.
  • Utilities (Reports)
    There are over 20 standard sales, customer, and product reports that are included. The report generator lets us easily define, create and install custom reports to fill any specific needs you may have that are not covered by the standard reports. Reports can be filtered by date range and exported in a variety of formats for further refinement and use.  The Google product feed is fully supported.
  • Settings
    The various store settings allow you to define many of the operational parameters of the store.

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