You might say "What do I need Analytics for? Google Analytics gives me all the information I need".  If that is the case, you are all set.  The Anything Ecommerce shopping cart software comes with Google Analytics built in.  Just create your account, enter your account ID and you are in business.  And if you want help setting up and defining reports so you can organize all that raw data into some meaningful information, or if you want some help interpreting that information, we will be happy to assist.

But - here's the trick - Google does not have access to your database and Anything Ecommerce does.  So, say you want to know what searches people are running on your site, or you want to know who is buying a particular product and where they came from or what search terms they used to find it, or you want to know where and why people are abandoning your "contact us" form.  That is information that only Big Tree Commerce Analytics can supply.

If you need a great shopping cart with comprehensive analytics, take a look at the Big Tree Commerce Analytics architecture and features.  Then contact us and let us put together a proposal tailored to your needs and budget.

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