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Support covers such a broad range of issues that it is difficult to describe in a way that  that quickly and easily conveys its value and what it means to you.  So how about we put it like this:  If you have a question, ask it and we will answer.  But that is still a little vague, so let's try to give some specifics:

  • If we have a maintenance fix:
    We will apply it.
  • If you have a "How do I..." question:
    We will give you instructions.  And if there is not a straightforward answer, we will work with you to create a solution.
  • If you become aware of a problem:
    We will do everything we can to resolve it (with the understanding that some things, like customers turning off cookies, are just beyond our control).
  • If you need a new feature:
    Depending on your support plan and the extent of the work to implement it, we will either build it as part of the plan or provide a quote to complete it.

Sound like the type of support you are looking for?

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